Advertising and Ad Design FAQs

Considerable opportunity exists for businesses of all types and sizes to take advantage of BestWay Display's cost-effective, and highly-targeted marketing solutions. Our low-cost, low-maintenance and high-performance advertisements are designed to drive local customers to your business and increase name recognition. Locations utilizing BestWay Display activity centers gain an elegant method of displaying information to customers and club members.

Let us help you set yourself apart from the competition! We have gathered answers to some of the questions most frequently raised and organized them below to assist you. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


1. What do you need from me to begin my ad design?
First, we'll need whatever copy you'd like to feature in your ad. This could include the name of the business and any slogans, contact information such as a phone number, address or website, a list of services and/or business description.

Our art department will also need your logo in high-resolution format and any photos you would like to use, which can be emailed directly to the art department to expedite your design. Ideally, logos should be in vector format and saved as an eps, or as a high-res 300dpi (dots/pixels per inch) color tiff or jpeg. Any photographic images should also be scanned at 300dpi and saved as jpegs to reduce file size. (We will also accept photos as compressed tiffs.) Any other collateral material such as additional photographs, brochures, websites, business cards, mailers, and previous ad designs would also be very helpful. If you have such material feel free to contact sales for delivery to our art department for you. The more we know about your business the better we can understand your target audience and come up with a unique design for YOU!

Art department check list for advertisers:

  • Name of business plus business logo (if any) in a high-resolution format
  • Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Website and/or email address to be featured on ad
  • Any required photographs
  • Any ad copy and/or list of services
  • Supply Bestway Display with an active email address so you can receive your ad proof.

2. How long will my ad be displayed?
Your ad will be displayed for the duration of one year, starting from its installation date.

3. Will I see a proof of my ad before it is installed for display? Will I have an opportunity to make changes before it goes up?
All of our customers receive proofs of their ad before it is printed. You will receive a soft proof during the design process for your approval. By 'soft proof' we mean a low resolution pdf or jpeg image of your print ready artwork which will be sent to you by email for your approval. We ask that you carefully confirm that all the information is correct, and if no changes are made this will be the final product. Once the ad is approved BestWay Display cannot be held responsible after this point if there is a misprint.

4. May I supply my own ad?
Yes! Pre-designed digital ads and graphics are welcome. However, we may have to resize your ad to fit our specific ad dimensions. If you are interested in placing a pre-existing ad design please contact us and we will send you a list of acceptable digital file types.

5. My business address and/or phone number has changed, so I have to update my ad. Do you charge for updating addresses or phone numbers? What if I need to add or alter a photograph or copy after the ad has been put up for display?
There is no charge for address and phone number alterations. There will be a fee for altering the design layout, which would entail the addition of any any photographs or copy other than the phone and address. If you need to alter your ad after it has been posted please contact us.

6. Who will be designing my ad?
BestWay Display utilizes professional, flexible, highly skilled and experienced graphic designers to take your ad concept from start to finish according to your specifications. We use only established artists with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from small family owned businesses to international corporations. Our designers pride themselves on providing the best service possible to help your business grow by creating a high-impact, memorable and effective corporate image.

7. I love my ad and I would like to use its design in a publication. How do I go about getting my ad design to the publication?
Our ad designs are sized to fit our display spaces in each information center, a size that will most likely be too large for the typical publication. Each publication or magazine has very specific dimensions for their advertising, so any BestWay Display ad would have to be resized accordingly.

We have several designers creating our ads who would be happy to resize your advertisements for you, send you a proof for your approval, and submit them to the publications in the proper format for a fee. (Fees vary according to the individual designer's rates, and any designs altered for purposes other than for display in one of our information centers are the sole responsibility of the individual artist.) If you would like to receive a quote concerning an ad resize feel free to contact us and we will supply the designer with your contact information for you.

8. Do you supply any other design services, such as brochures or websites?
Our designers are available for any design services you may need through their own design firms. (Fees vary according to the individual designer's rates, and any designs altered for purposes other than for display in one of our information centers are the sole responsibility of the individual artist.)

Our designers have years of experience with professional printers and photographers and can coordinate both small and large print runs from start to finish with established and well-respected local print houses. Web-hosting services are also available and can be arranged from domain name registration to the actual posting of the finished site.

If you are interested in viewing your ad designer's resumé or would like to make an appointment to view their design portfolio, please feel free to contact us and we will pass on your contact information for you. Please specify what kind of work you are interested in or any special needs:

  • Corporate image
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Logo designs
  • Business cards and letterheads
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Package design
  • Posters
  • Book design
  • Billboards
  • Music CDs
  • Illustration
  • Websites
  • Flash animation

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